About us

DesertNet International (DNI) is a Scientific network for international research on desertification.

DNI is a non-governamental, non-profit scientific association. It cooperates with the EC Research Directorate, ministries, development agencies and UN bodies (specifically UNCCD). It has no government affiliation and is independent of any form of lobby or private interests.

The aims of the Association are to encourage research and promote concerted efforts in all disciplines concerning human and bio-physical issues of dryland development and degradation. It facilitates scientific exchanges between scientists and the participating bodies, identifying priority areas for research and fostering cooperation. DNI supports mechanisms that will provide academically sound data and information to combat desertification, recover degraded land, support sustainable social and economic development in drylands and identify preventive measures for safeguarding the natural resources of drylands worldwide. The Association also aims at cooperating with policy and other decision makers to identify information needs and to translate scientifically sound knowledge to improve land management of drylands including governance.

DNI activities are inspired by the United Nation Conventions to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), for the Biological Diversity (CBD), the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the “4 per 1000 Initiative”.

  • General Assembly
  • Extraordinary General Assembly
  • Steering Committee
  • Advisory Board
  • Bureau
  • Users Board

The Bureau of DesertNet International comprises the following people elected from the current Steering Committee:

  • Chair: Kakha NADIRADZE, Georgia, Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD-EUFRAS
  • Co-Chair: Fei WANG, China, Inst. of Soil & Water Conservation, Northwest A&F University
  • Treasurer: María José MARQUÉS, Spain, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Departamento de Geología y Geoquímica
  • Secretary General: Giovanna SEDDAIU, Italy, Desertification Research Center (NRD), University of Sassari.
Aims of DesertNet International

we provide a platform for scientific discussions and exchange of ideas, foster cutting edge science, identify topics and research areas, identify and document scientific state of the art of the main topics in desertification assessment, risk evaluation, mitigation and restoration, identify and articulate the economic drivers and the socio-economic consequences of desertification, integrate scientific findings across disciplines, translate into common language and communicate scientific findings, and work in and on affected areas worldwide.

we communicate with stakeholders and policy-makers. We identify minimum consensus on consolidated knowledge, evaluate scientific knowledge for stakeholders and policy makers, disseminate knowledge, respond to demands for assessment and information needs address knowledge gaps,translate knowledge to improve governance, and identify issues and priorities for stakeholders and public policies.