Mission & Vision

The Association DesertNet International aims to generate and enhance knowledge and understanding of the biophysical and socio-economic processes of desertification.

DNI supports any mechanism by which science and technology may contribute to sustainable dryland development, combating desertification, reversing soil degradation in drylands, and to the identification of preventive measures to conserve the natural resources. The Association DesertNet International will replace the former network known as ‘European DesertNet’ that, despite its name, was also open to non-European researchers. This network had no legal status, and its name wrongly suggested it to be an association of researchers only from Europe.

The Association DesertNet International has been created to provide a legal structure, and is open to scientists from all nations and disciplines.

As a multidisciplinary network, DesertNet International provides a platform for scientifically based discussions and exchange of ideas. It also addresses knowledge gaps and identifies research areas.

As a think tank, DesertNet International communicates with stakeholders and policymakers by identifying issues and priorities for them. The network responds to demands for assessment and information needs and translates knowledge into lay terms to improve public awareness of desertification, its costs and implications beyond drylands.

DesertNet International closely cooperates with the European Commission’s Research Directorate, ministries, development agencies and UN bodies (specifically the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification – UNCCD).