EGU General Assembly

  • Date & Time:
    • May 3 - 8, 2020
  • Venue:

    Vienna, Austria


Several interesting sessions for desertification research have been proposed for the next European Geosciences Union (EGU, ONLINE, May 2020)
SSS2 – Soil Erosion and Conservation
SSS2.5 Soil erosion and driving factors of soil carbon distribution: a worldwide threat
SSS2.7 Advancements in modeling and remote sensing assessments in soil and water degradation processes
SSS2.8 Soil Erosion and Conservation
SSS2.9 Soil and water conservation techniques to monitor, evaluate and mitigate the impacts of soil erosion from hillslopes to watershed scale
GM4.3 Land cover dynamics and geomorphic processes in hillslope environments: from data acquisition to modelling and management practices
NH3.12 Landslides and Soil Erosion in a Changing Climate: Analysis, Trends, Uncertainties and Adaptation Solutions

SSS4 – Soil Biology, Microbiology and Biodiversity
SSS4.2 Soil biological capacity, greenhouse gases’ emission and carbon stocks of SUITMA and croplands: assessment and best-management practices
SSS4.3 Plant-Microorganism-Soil interactions in the rhizosphere: from chemical, biological, and physical perspectives to an interlinked understanding of processes
SSS4.4 Diving into the soil microhabitat – Impacts of the soil physical structure on soil biota and vice-versa
SSS4.8 Life in soil hotspots: Microbial activity, carbon and nutrient cycling and functions
SSS4.11 Responses of terrestrial biogeochemical cycles to climate change
SSS4.13 Soil biodiversity and microbial turnover
SSS8 – Soil, Environment and Ecosystem Interactions
SSS12 – Crossing boundaries: inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary in Soil System Sciences
SSS12.3 Knowledge transfer to society: soil education and evidence syntheses in agro-environmental science | Posters only
SSS12.7 Current Debates on Land Degradation and Development
SSS12.9 Digging the Future? Unearthing the power of soil science to address global challenges

ITS1.12/BG1.20 Solutions for sustainable agri-food systems under climate change and globalisation
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